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Alumni Spotlight

Many of the steadily growing number of alumni from the Schools of Political Studies go on to attain high-level positions, either in their own countries or internationally, and are in a position to act as multipliers for the values the Schools represent.

Some of the most successful of the Schools’ recent alumni include:

  •     Mr Hrvoje MARUŠIĆ (2005, Croatia) Croatian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Norway
        Ms Maya MANOLOVA (2006, Bulgaria) National Ombudsman of Bulgaria
        Mr Edgar GHAZARYAN (2007, Armenia) Armenian Ambassador to the Republic of Poland
        Mr Aliaksandr ADAMIANTS (2007, Belarus) Director of the European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus
        Ms Eralda METHASANI-CANI (2008, Albania) Deputy Minister for European Integration
        Mr Ramadan ILAZI (2008, Kosovo) Deputy Minister of European Integration of Kosovo
        Mr Costel BERCUS (2009, Romania) President of the Roma Education Fund
        Mr Igor CRNADAK (2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH
        Mr Valeriu MUNTEANU (2011, Moldova) Moldovan Minister of Ecology
        Ms Azra JASAVI Ć (2012, Montenegro) Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro
        Mr Driton KUCI (2012, “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”) Macedonian Minister for Economy
        Ms Annamária VICSEK (2014, Serbia) State Secretary for Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia
        Mr Yaroslav YURCHYSHYN (2015, Ukraine) Executive Director, Transparency International Ukraine
        Ms Bilge ARICIOĞLU (2016, Turkey) Head of the Commission on Children’s Rights of the Bursa Bar Association
  •     Ms Senida MESI (2016, Albania) Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Albania

Alumni Events

Alumni events provide a space for distinguished SPS alumni from more than twenty countries to debate on topical issues, as well as to brainstorm ideas for the development of the Schools’ Network, in particular its alumni dimension. The outcomes of discussions during the seminars are hoped to be of use to the participants in their respective professional or activist functions, as well as in informing the programme of upcoming editions of the World Forum for Democracy.

The most recent alumni seminars were held in Strasbourg and Sarajevo (see below). The alumni seminars have more recently evolved into the Civic Roundtable, launched in 2016. This continues the annual meeting of alumni and additionally invites participants from those countries where no School exists, in order to further enrich debate and the sharing of experiences. For more information on the Civic Roundtable, please visit its dedicated page.

2017 Civic Roundtable

July 2017, Strasbourg: “Forced Migration and Asylum: Dynamics and Policy Responses in Europe and its Neighbourhood.” 

2016 Civic Roundtable

May and June, Berlin and Strasbourg: “Towards a new European civics”

2015 International Alumni Seminar

June 2015, Sarajevo: “Defending Democracy, Freedom and Human Dignity against Internal and External Threats”
Programme + Meeting report 

2014 International Alumni Seminar

June 2014, Strasbourg – “Harnessing young people’s potential for building a democratic future”
Programme + Meeting report 

Schools of Political Studies Network seen through the eyes of alumni

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