2016 Seminar "Sapere aude: Freedom and the Rule of Law"

Belgrade, Serbia, 20-24 September 2016

The 5-day seminar “Sapere aude: Freedom and the Rule of Law”, organised by the Association of Schools of Political Studies in co-operation with Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, was held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 20-24 September 2016. The seminar was attended by over one hundred young decision-makers and opinion-formers from Armenia, Belarus, France, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine and 27 prominent experts from Germany, India, Norway, Russia, Serbia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Among topics discussed there were: human rights and national security, responsibility of civil society in times of populism, Europe and Russia, India and the East Asian security architecture, the sources of America’s crisis and many others.



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